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Life at Bonfire

We’re a global team of work hard, play hard, kind people who bring truth to our vision through our mission.

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Our vision and mission

To strengthen communities that inspire a  kinder world  by delivering a trusted  commerce experience where custom products empower giving.

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Meet some of our team

We have team members living and traveling all over the world! Explore the globe below to learn more about them.

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Our vision for a kinder world is more than just lovely language.

It guides how we treat our team members, and how we partner with nonprofits and creators to amplify their good work.

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Trusting Partnerships — to work to build trust in every interaction with customers and partners, because they our critical to our success.

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Humble Ingenuity — to seek bold ideas to big issues and opportunities, through humility that invites diverse perspectives.

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Moral Courage — to consider the negative impacts on people and planet before every decision we make or solution we create, and choose to do what's kind.

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Inclusive Cooperation — to explore issues and opportunities and co-create strong solutions through cross-functional cooperation that's welcoming.

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Healthy Dissatisfaction — to maintain a growth mindset that seeks to improve the bad, the good, and the great, abandoning complacency for the belief that improvement is always possible.


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Unlimited PTO

Having work–life balance is something we value here at Bonfire. We want our people to play and rest as hard as they work. We have unlimited PTO – and people actually use it!

Great benefits

Everyone should have access to great benefits, we believe it’s the least we can do to support our growing team. All benefit-eligible employees are offered medical, dental, vision, and 401k.

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Identity & connection

We have 20+ Slack channels dedicated to uniting over our greatest talents & most passionate hobbies - from movie buffs and foodies to shared weekly meditations.

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Happy mail

We can’t exactly call ourselves a great merch company if we didn’t gift our team some awesome merch to wear! We love to send our team their favorite pieces as a little thank you.

We create trusting partnerships with those who share our vision.

When people are looking to raise money for a cause, create unity in their community, or promote their brand -- they come to us.

Because a kinder world only happens when we’re all invited into strengthening it.

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If you believe in our vision, mission and share our values, check out these opportunities to join our team.

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Improve Artwork Expert / Designer

Marko has been at Bonfire for over 5 years! He values kindness, understanding, and dedication because they are found very rarely today, especially in one place. He feels a sense of sincere belonging in his role and this gives him the strength and motivation to correct mistakes, to learn from the best and work with maximum motivation. Marko’s greatest adventure thus far has been playing the lifelong role of a dad.



Associate Manager for Custom Design

Alex has been with Bonfire for nearly two years and enjoys connecting the dots between sales, designers and our clients. She enjoys working at Bonfire because it gives her the opportunity to grow and work toward something she cares about. But most of all, she loves the people here who make everyone feel appreciated.



Organizational Development Specialist

Savannah is proud to play a significant role in developing our leaders as well as shaping our culture and improving processes. She is very passionate about her career and excited to continue to learn and develop in her role here at Bonfire! In her free time, she enjoys rock climbing!



Marketing Technology Specialist

As an Australian expat living abroad currently in rural Nevada, USA with her husband and two sweet dogs. Sarah takes full advantage of Bonfire’s remote working lifestyle and is known to regularly join meetings from new locations when traveling and visiting her family interstate and all around the globe.



Design Manager

Liana's or Lili, as we know her, passion lies in design and building teams. She loves that her position at Bonfire affords her the opportunity to do both. She resonates with our value healthy dissatisfaction because dissatisfaction isn't always bad, it helps push us to be better, to keep looking for answers!



PHP Developer

Syan is a part of our development team and is an amazing problem solver! He enjoys working with a united team and believes we will always achieve more together. He values seeing how his work helps fellow teammates with their everyday tasks.



Production Team Member

Sonja has a passion for working with others, highly valuing inclusive cooperation. She enjoys the friendly working atmosphere Bonfire offers and feels as if she is being looked after. Her greatest adventure thus far has been moving back to Macedonia after living in the UK for nearly 20 years (in a van with a toddler)!



VP of Operations

Better known as Jack, Jae has been with Bonfire for 1.5 years and counting! His passion for humble ingenuity shows in the open and caring environment he’s helped foster within his team. He is thankful for the work life balance Bonfire has created that allows him to enjoy more time with his best friend of 25 years, his wife!